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Apparently the CSC`s on these are prone to failure.
The ball and chain was driving our Zaffy and the clutch pedal pressure went AWOL.
After many many many hours of trying to find the problem it was fixed.
This is what I changed and did to it.
1, Gearbox off.
2. Fit new clutch kit.
3. Remove clutch kit (wrong one - looks identical but still wrong).
4. Re-fit old clutch after getting a refund.
5. Bleed the hydraulic clutch system out using VX`s strange procedure. (Gravity, pressure and manual).STILL NO PRESSURE.
6. Change master cylinder and bleed it out again. STILL NO PRESSURE.
7. Remove gearbox again and put another CSC in and also fit a new plastic bleed valve on gearbox housing because they are plastic rubbish.
8. Refit the gearbox and bleed it out again(brake fluid is expensive).
9. Clutch now works. The slave cylinder in the clutch kit was faulty. It didn`t leak fluid, it was just faulty.

When you fit the new CSC, it will have a Top-Hat seal that connects to your clutch bleed valve. The old one can get stuck inside the bleed valve and when you put them together, you will cause hydraulic lock, which will render your clutch system unusable.:mad:
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