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Alright Guys & Girls,

Wonder if anyone could help me, today i was changing my roll bar bushes and
drop links, on the roll bar there is a sensor for the auto headlight level for the
xenon lights i had to remove this to replace the bushes, i reinstalled it as close
as were it was before i removed it, took it for a test drive and noticed that the headlights are pointing up a tiny bit this could be in my mind since i moved the sensor i went for a drive and no flashing from other drivers and and when the car is started they still do the auto levelling like before.

the mot is up soon they were fine last year and year before that i might take it
for a check to make sure tomorrow but is there anything in diagbox that could
reset them or to see if they are normal?


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There is no adjustment on the auto level system other than via the normal adjusters built into the headlights.

It's possible the front of your car was sitting a little high from being jacked up to change droplinks and it should settle into the normal position once driven.

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