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Xenon bulb blown

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Hi all,

One of my xenon bulbs blew yesterday.

I think it was due to moisture as today the whole headlamp is filled with condensation !!!

When I checked after it blew - one of the covers on the back of the lamp had come off. I put it back on last night and this morning the lamp is filled with condensation.

So before I replace the xenon I need to get rid of the moisture I suppose !!

Any suggestions on what xenon to get? I.e temperature to match the current ones ? And also any help on clearing up that moisture?

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Could it be a fuse or relay that has gone ???

Anyone know which ones to check ?????


well I got some 5000k bulbs in the end.

But the passenger xenon still isn't firing.

Anybody got any ideas on what else to check ?????????
Coo it sounds like a nightmare Tris! I'm afraid I heven't any experience of this sort of bulb, but sounds like it may be moisture penetration. What voltage do they run on? Maybe some damp dispersant on the contacts? :confused:
It's going on the the diag machine on Monday at my specialists.

Hopefully they'll track down the issue.

I think it's definately moisture. The lamp constantly mists up now - since I left the back off that one time !!!

But I think the damp has got to the ballast which ignites the bulb. They run at some stupid voltage mate! - Very high and very dangerous if you don't know what to do with them !!

Time will tell I guess.......

Believe it or not the Xenon works now !!!

let me take you through the events this evening:

I thought I'd try one of the new bulbs in the drivers side xenon as I knew that worked.

I put a new bulb in the working side and while I was there I thought I'd put a new bulb in the side that wasn't working.

As expected only the drivers side came on, no passenger light

Went to turn car and lights off and realised that I wanted to check that the bulb failure light came on - so I turned the lights back on.............
and hey presto both lights magically fire up !!! Weird I thought.

So I tried it again - off - on - Yup it's working !

Next I thought I'd put the original OEM Philips bulbs back in so I could be 100% sure that the factory bulb was a dud.

Sure enough the passenger side didn't fire up.

So before I shut it down to re-install the new ones again, I turned them back on and guess what???? They fired up too !!!

There was nothing wrong with the bulbs or headlamps or ballasts!!

I would hazard a guess that rather than fry the lights the moisture simply stopped them working - now the moisture is slowly clearing the xenons are back to normal.

YAY !!!! :lol: :thumb: :)
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well cool mate :cool:

maybe put them in the airing cupboard if you get the same problem again! :thumb:

That's saved a few quid then :lol:
glad you got it sorted.. sorry I was away..
no probs dude!

I sent the bulbs I bought of ebay back as my original philips ones are working a treat. Chuffed it's working.

Just got to sort out my drivers side window mech now. Flipping thing went on me the other day. - Looks as though once of the cables has jammed and frayed slightly - so looks like a new unit is needed :(

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