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Posted in the wrong part of the forum originally - sorry!

I've got an X reg (51) 406 2l petrol. The problem I've got is with reverse engaging. Symptoms as follows

When selecting reverse the gear stick will normally bounce back out even before I've lifted off the clutch.

If it does engage there's a chance that it'll pop out straight away when I lift up the clutch.

Sometimes it'll engage, allow me to lift off the clutch, move a couple of feet then there's a sort of 'whump' noise and it's back out.

It doesn't crunch at all. When trying to get it into reverse if I pull hard so it's at the end of the travel and lift off the clutch I can feel/hear a faint crunching as if something is trying to engage.

When it does engage fully I can spend all day in reverse, no weird noise, everything feels fine - just makes covering any kind of mileage difficult :D

Couple of bits that may be related:

Second sometimes doesn't fully engage - I thought it was me but I have to be careful with second - moving the gear stick into second, holding it there, fully off clutch then letting go. This doesn't happen all the time.

I'm not sure if the gear box or something has shifted. I'm sure there's less travel to 1,3,5 than there is to 2,3,R but I can't be sure that I'm imagining it. The gate to 3 doesn't seem as smooth as it used to.

The reverse problem started off probably 1 in every 10 times from a couple of months ago and is now 9 out of 10 times that I have the problem.

I've had the car for a year, everything else is working tip top, had the thumbs up from the garage after taking it in for an MOT and service despite a bit of welding on the anti-roll bar.

Not sure if there's anything else but happy to supply answers to any questions. Thanks in advance :thumb:
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