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Hello, my wife's X reg 106 seems to be sufferring from a few problems at the moment.

The first problem is what we first thought might be a slipping fan belt. The noise was worse at lower revs and with low torque across the engine. Sounded like someone rubbing a dishcloth across a spotlessly clean plate, hard to describe exactly, but an annoying squeaking is what we're talking about, there was also a longer hum which seemed to come from the fanbelt area. The belt looked slightly work, so we changed it, but the noise is still there, so not sure if the tension needs adjusting, just needed advice before taking it back to the garage and forking out more cash.

Secondly there's what I would describe as high frequency brake noise. When cornering, it sounds like the brakes are touching the discs. We've had the brakes checked over, pads/discs seem fine, auto adjusters needed adjusting.
Noise still there, but far less prevalent.

Thirdly and most worringly is a knocking/ratatatatata that occurs on cornering to the left only, worse on acceleration, not on full lock, but somewhere inbetween straight ahead and full lock. So you'll turn into a sharp corner, in second gear accelerate away, straighten up.....oh there it is....ratatatatatta...going straight ahead, noise gone, only there for a bit whilst straightening up. Can be avoided by driver understeering and low acceleration, seems worse when going up a gradient.

Any ideas about what's causing these noises?



1) Check the old pulleys for remains of melted olde alternator belt. If it's clean and the noise still comes from that region then suspect a heavily worn cambelt - most timing belt failures occur during start up or when pulling away from idle, so you need to inspect this with some urgency.

2) Could be the caliper moving on the guide pins (I don't know how worn the discs are), but could equally be a shrieking wheel bearing.

3) CV joint/driveshaft problems? Not uncommon on ze 106.
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