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Hi guys, I would like to qualify I am to car maintenance, what Titus Bramble is to clean-sheets, so apologies if this seems inane!

I have a Peugeot 206gti. This morning my windscreen was icy (obviously) and I was in the warm inside, defrosting the windscreen. With some of the ice becoming mushy, I flicked on the windscreen wipers - the passenger side one operated ok, the driver side one was stuck to the windscreen and bounced a bit, but remained stuck. Tried again - same result.

Once the ice had fully cleared, I tried again, and the driverside wiper lay dormant.

On analysis, the wiper is connected to an "arm", when on, there is a bolt head which rotates on the operating wiper's arm as it moves. On the dead one, there are 2 bolts, only one of which is rotating as it lays still.

Can anyone suggest if this is fixable by me, or whether it needs a visit to my local overall wearing, oily rag wielding repair man.

Apologies again for the descriptions!
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