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Gone have the days when we can walk into a place and buy something to replace a broken item. We mostly buy online. I miss the good old days.

So, after a Buzzard decided to drop it breakfast rabbit (try explaining that to an insurance company, never mind horses and knights running across roads in tabbards!!) on my drivers side wing mirror, taking the top 3/4 of the wing mirror with it.
Priced up a replacement on line and to my surprise less than £60 for a branded item. Received through post, all good me thinks.
Easy to fit but I notice it only has one cable and 8 pin connector compared to the broken one having a second cable with 2pink wires in it. Still I try the fit, connect it up (very easy btw, just lift out the window button panel and access is below to connect plug). Turns out the two wires are for the temperature probe - ugg. No temp on dash. But worse than that is the wing mirror, when put into driving position is completely wrong. The adjustment of the mirrors them selves not enough to let me look back to see any road at all. My Daughter says, wow Dad. I can see behind the van in your wing mirror...... the penny drops. Companies are selling left hand drive passenger side wing mirrors as uk spec drivers side mirrors. Not on!!

Moral of the story, check exactly what you have before ordering a replacement. If I had taken 2 mins to look at the wiring I would have bought a different replacement mirror.
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