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Hi all,

I've been given my mum's 2014 Peugeot 308. It was frequently driven in London and it's fair to say it's taken a bit of a beating. Thankfully nothing serious, however there two things I would like to fix on it.

Firstly, the driver's side wing mirror was knocked off while parked. My mum previously taped it back together, but I need to get it fixed as I will be doing far more motorway miles and I can't risk it falling off at those speeds.

I've trawled through the Internet and haven't found any video or forum guide to getting the wing mirror off and fixing a new one. The car's wing mirrors are not electronically folding but are electrically adjusted. I presume I'm going to have to take the door trim off to get to the wing mirror fixtures, but again I haven't been able to find out how to do this. If anyone can point me in the direction of this or tell me how that would be very much appreciated.

The type of wing mirror I need is that below

The second issue I have is that when my mum got it cleaned, the driver's side daytime running LED was pushed in and isn't in place on the bumper. She was told by the dealer that it would require removing the whole of the bumper, but I'm a bit sceptical - does anyone have a work around? It's one of the straight bar ones like the one below


Any help would be very much appreciated as the dealer costs for both these repairs is in excess of £500, mostly on labour.
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