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207cc windows not working
Hi I bought a 207 cc 2010 auto and it has faulty windows it started where I thought they were just temperamental and if they wouldn't go up or down you just re-started the ignition and they would work. Just don you are aware this is all switches drivers, passenger &a main control in the middle. Now the problem has got worse and they won't work at all or if I happen to get them down you can't get the windows back up unless you put the roof down and back up (roof works fine). My local garage had a look at the panel so lubed it all thought that was the problem and it didn't solve anything made it worse actually. Now I've gone to an auto electrics and they said they reckon it's the bsi but not sure said whatever it is it'll be costly and time (they gave me a paper with a code 5FF bsi internal fault) and he's saying about a new bsi and how its expensive, so before this I wanted to research and ask you guys have you come across this? Would a bsi reset work? Should he of tried an actuator test on the windows first etc or is the fault code the issue?
Would really appreciate your help
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