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Window smashed, Need help! EDIT: Fixed!

Hello all,

My brothers car recently got broken into, he got a new car and i bought the smashed 206 off him. He already got a replacement window but couldnt be bothered to fit it, so now its my job and its harder than i first thought.

I had a little look on the net and found out a bit on how to fix it.
I have to get the window slider things (sorry im not technical lol) half way down so i can unbolt them and then attatch the new window. However when i try to put them down it looks like the 2 "brackets" that hold the window move a bit side to side and will not budge more than half a cm up or down. Everywhere i look it tells me to just wind down the window and replace with a new one, but i have no window to replace as it was smashed. im not sure if there are bits of glass in the runners or if its just because there is no window in it.

Please help as i have had the same first car for 3 years now and insurance and everything is going through at the end of the month so i would love to have it all sorted by then.
Sorry if this doesnt make that much sense, im trying my hardest to explain. Thanks in advance! Jay. :thumb:
PS: its an electric window!


The brackets that hold the window had come out (up) of the runner things, so it was getting caught. I had to get my dad to press the button while i pushed both brackets into the correct possition. Bit difficult with one person. Took 10 seconds once i realised what was wrong! DUH.
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