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Hi all,

Got a bit of a strange one with my 2002 partner van...

When i firat start motor and start journey the door open warning light stays on for 10-15mins, then goes off. Despite all doors being closed firmly. Once parked, i go to lock doors, but they immediately unlock again. If i just close door and leave it for 10-15 mins the doors will lock and indicators flash confirming immoboliser etc.... Are active.

I have checked all doors for the little push switches, but they seen to be absent on this model?

I assume there is a 'sticky' actuator or solenoid somewhere? However i have no idea where to start looking! I have had door cards off vut cant see anything obvious, i have also re-set BSI and re-paired key but to no avail.

Problem is there regardless of remote or manual locking

Thanks in advance

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