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Every time i post on here it's another problem with this damn car:(

I've noticed a whining noise coming from the car, which is in perfect tune with engine revs (not vehicle speed).I can't seem to track it down in the engine bay, i do know however that it's not the turbo (that makes it's own distinguishable noise and sounds fine.what's the most obvious to look for first?

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Have you popped the hood and revved the engine manually from the engine bay.

(Not using the accelerator pedal)

But rev it using the accelerator cable on engine block and with you leaning over the engine???

At least this way you can get a better listen and should enable you to pin point where this noise is coming from.

If you have a good ear you should be able to find it.

(Or find the general area of where the noise is coming from)

When and if you think you have found the location of the problem,

a wise thing to do is to get a long straight bar, or socket extension bar.

Stick one end of the bar to where you think the noise is coming from,

Example: stick one end on the ( starter motor, alternator, power steering pump etc... )

then stick your ear to the opposite end of the bar.

You will hear the noise amplified coming up through the bar into your ear.

And if you find the part that's making the noise, you will hear it clearly up through the bar.

Work around the engine using this technique and you should find it with a little time and attention.

Just be careful not to stick the bar down into the belts or anything like that a you will get your wrist snapped rather lively but Im sure you are already aware of these dangers. (Plus you could damage your car also)

Please let me know if this helps, and if you find where the noise is coming from.



(PS: You mentioned that the noise is in tune with engine revs, sounds like a bearing of some sort to me).

Something that turns with the engine, at the same speed as the engine.

Need to think about that one. :)
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