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Hi everyone :) ,

I am reseaching the 207 and have been reading reviews, these are simply convincing me this is the right choice of car for me. I like the things I have been hearing about the comfort and build quality/refinement of the car. These things are important to me.

But I am getting reviews which say different things about the engines. Some say the 1.4 95 engine has been recommended as "Anything higher feels like it's pushing to hard" while TopGear online state the same engine "needs a lot of work to get any performance from it". I am really confused :confused:

Which engine would you recommend on a new 207 (sport spec)?

I am still learning towards the 1.4 95 engine but may get the 1.4 90 HDi diesel or the 1.6 120 engine.

Obviously power is important but also the less noise it makes the better...
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