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Hi all

I have i bit of a wierd problem with my Peugeot Partner Van '98. It seems there is nowhere for the air inside the cabin to exit, this means whenever i close the doors, be it rear (trunk) or front side doors, whoever is inside the car will get blockage in the ears (don't know the exact word), but as if you where diving, your ears pop :)

Same thing happens after af few minutes with the fans on max, you get a feeling the cabin is being pressurized... Standing behind the car with all doors closed you can hear a whisling sound of the air getting out between the two doors, but apparantly its not enough.

If i open one of the windows just a little bit the problem is solved untill i close it, you can feel it as soon as it closes, the earplugs are back again, if the fans have been running fast in the meantime...

Hope someone can help here - thanks.
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