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I suffered the misfortune of a cambelt snap on my 807 2.2HDI GLX. I somehow have managed to repair it myself but I have encountered a little snag on the way.
The car has been stood for nearly 2 years from snap to fix and at some point the Engine ECU had spiked and fried so initially the engine wouldn't run.
I purchased a donor ECU, BSI and lockset and fitted them, the engine was running again!! Yeah! However, the BSI doesn't seem entirely compatible?? I have a clone version of PP2000 and have interrogated the BSI to find out what was up. [email protected] tried to sort out to no avail the following.

The door mirrors don't fold or adjust.
The central locking, locks and unlocks the doors from the key fob...when you pull the door handle to open the door it automatically locks all the other doors?
The interior lights don't work with the door opening.
I inherited 311,000 miles with the BSI which a specialist has attempted to reprogram twice now, but it defaults to the BSI mileage..despite being reprogrammed??

My main reason for raising this thread is to establish if I can retain the donor ECU, Transponder and Alarm module but somehow reprogram my original BSI to pair it to my replacement ECU. Do I just need the BSI virgin programmed and a 4 digit code for the installed ECU? (VIN from donor car is available.)
My replacement BSI clearly has issues that PP2000 can't resolve and although I could live with the little issues I'd rather get it working correctly.

Whilst I'm ECU faults can't be cleared as PP2000 say's I've reached my 50 service zone entries! Slightly annoying as I've just installed DiagBox on a clean install of XP, and haven't even cleared any previous faults!! LOL
The BSI faults won't clear because I have to refer to a Fault Log/register?

PP2000 is useful though as I did manage to activate the cruise contro!

Any help on any of the issues above, or advice on how I attacked my cambelt fix.. gratefully received and help/advice given.
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