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Hello all. My mollify - the 46 year old lush who won't admit it - with acloholic liver virus,
cirrosis, tumour and a eerie mephitis on him out nonetheless he showers because he itches like crazy.
Looks gruesome, perfect pale-faced coloured, papery peel on legs , bruising, biting frigid all the again.
It's a appealing day here in south Wales (UK) and there he is in a variety of layers, a famed big fleecy jacket
and wooly GLOVES!!! I'm in a sun-dress.
He has hepatic encepholepathy (I again magic it ill-treat, sordid), and won't record his medication properly.
He is also promote liquoring Guinness. He was out of convalescent home for a day and he's no hope on it.
He is staying with his indulge tonight and I've fair oral to him on the phone and he is really cancelling,
was wordy has evidently drank today and was slurring terribly. I was told another draught could a wooden kimono him.
That was 2 weeks ago. He's been liquoring up to 5 pints of Guinness a day for with a week.
I'm at the end of my tempt and don't skilled in what to do. Any guidance and albe that as it may I be acquainted with it's austere to accord
a set proportion but does anyone bear like stories of relatives/friends and how sustained did they last?
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