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I have a 2008 308 Sport on the 17" alloys. I have had the wheel alignment checked a few times since I have had the car and the toe angle is out on the rear near side wheel. I have been told on each time I have had it checked, even at the place that does 4 wheel alignment, that the rear wheels cannot be adjusted. I'm just wondering where this leaves me because on the inner edge of this tyre I am down to 2mm of tread compared to 4 or 5 across the rest of the wheel. It seems ridiculous that I should have to put up with it and let it munch through tyres prematurely!

It is due an MOT next month and I have a Peugeot Platinum Warranty on it until end of April but I have a feeling this won't be covered by that!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Many thanks in advance!
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