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Could really do with scanning my results in, alas my scanner is buried away in a cupboard.

Got a four wheel alignment done 10k miles ago at Kwik Fit (I know, I know, but I'd need to drive 100 miles to get it done elsewhere and they have a Hunter set up) Just before I had them do it I fitted new upper and lower balljoints and droplinks to the front, fitted the brand new spare tyre and purchased a brand new spare wheel and tyre from ebay and got them fiited on to my alloys on the rear, both Pirelli P7's; got them to fit two of their own brand Capitol tyres to the front and carry out the alignment.

Still with me? Fast forward 8 months and 10k miles and the OSF was bollixed, severely worn on the inner edge and just, just through to the cords; OSR had worn unevenly towards inner edge, NSF had worn slightly unevenly towards the inner edge and NSR had worn fairly evenly. Car drove/handled pretty well if a bit wandery at speed.

I had noticed this a while ago but had been way to busy to approach Kwik Fit about it.

Anyhow, Kwik Fit hadn't provided me with a printout for the previous alignment as asked for by one of the fellas last week when I went in and had a good moan at them; I had ordered four new winter tyres and didn't want them ending up in a similar state. Car booked in for a check last Friday which revealed

Left front: Camber -0°41', castor 4°08', toe 0°04'
Right Front : Camber -0°55', castor 4°03', toe 0°02'
Total toe 0°5' Steer ahead 0°01'

Left rear: Camber -1°08', toe 0°21'
Right rear; Camber -1°08', toe 0°10'

Rear total toe: 0°31' Thrust angle: 0°06'

Had a right ding dong with the manager that there is no way the OSF should have worn the way it did in the miles/timeframe; received all sorts of nonsense excuses from tyre pressures, worn this that and the next etc, all rebuffed by myself. Outcome was he refused to back down but would realign for a two wheel (£45) instead of four wheel (£66) I had no option as was having the new winters fitted next day. Got a printout fitted this time!

New settings:

Left front: Camber -0° 42'', castor 4°06', toe 0°05'
Right Front : Camber -0°57', castor 4°03', toe 0°06'
Total toe 0°10' Steer ahead 0°00'

Left rear: Camber -1°11', toe 0°17'
Right rear; Camber -1°04', toe 0°18'

Rear total toe: 0°34' Thrust angle: 0°00'

Only the right rear toe has been adjusted from red to green in their set-ups parameters, everything else is a matter of minutes from the previous settings. I believe that front castor and rear camber can not be set, however after speaking to my tyre guy he said he wouldn't touch it as it has to be weighted for ride height, as evidenced here Wheel alignment which provides these settings:

Front Suspension, saloon and estate.
Toe in (total) 0° 08' ±4'
Camber -0° 36'
Caster 5° 24'
Pivot Angle 8° 24' ± 30'

Rear Suspension, saloon and estate.
Toe in (total) +0° 17' ±4'
Camber -1° 45' ±30'

IMPORTANT: Suspension geometry checks and adjustment must be carried out with the suspension
compressed to the reference height. H1 front, H2 rear.

The distance H1 and H2 is measured between the ground and the vehicle's jacking points.
Reference height.
Tyre size 205/60 - R16 215/55 - R17
H1 for saloon and estate 124mm 134mm
H2 for saloon 120mm 130mm
H2 for estate 124mm 134mm

Seeing as my settings have only changed fractionally, and are different to the link I posted, and considering the previous tyre wear, should I be pursuing this further wit Kwik Fit?

Car is a 2004 2.0 hdi saloon and passed it's MOT with no advisories.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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On a 407 you can only adjust Toe, the only way you can adjust Camber and Caster is by change parts.
I have done that at my 407, i have changed all the parts at the left front, and only some at the right front, the result from that is, Camber and Caster at the left is green and the right is red or yelow (done by an Hunter alligment device)

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208gti - recommendation of front settings

Hi everyone,

I have a 208gti 2015
The car is stock with tiers: Pilot SPORT-4 205\45\17
I am using the car only for EXTREME SPORT DRIVING

I need to know what is the best Front Alignment for my car:
Toe-in or Toe-out and how many degrees?

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