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Brother in law has a 406 with 260k+ , my 307 has 193k+ , peugeot have always had a good engine if looked after , the crap that surrounds it is what lets it down.

Found this little titbit for you-

"Air conditioning is a weak point on the 306 - usually the condenser and pipework at the bottom of the radiator go which costs a few hundred pounds to have put right profesionally. Make sure you hear the compressor 'click' otherwise assume the system is out of gas and in need of work.
Others may diagree, but i think the hdi is a reliable engine and most owners are very happy with them. 200k+ should be easily possible if the oil and coolant have been changed regularly.
They do suffer from a few minor niggles such as broken door check straps, worn wishbone bushes and loose trim but these are usually easy to fix."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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