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what makes a 2.0 HDI 110bhp A 110 compared to the 2.0 HDI 90bhp.

i have a 206 2.0 HDI 90 sport and would it just be a ecu re-map or would i need engine parts ie pump/injectors/turbo and stuff

just at looking the engines i see no differance and im soon set to be putting in a new heavy duty sport/race clutch & head gasket & bolts/water pump/oil pump/belts/tensioners and if im gonna be doing all that and theres alot of differances in the engines to make it to a 110 i'd rather buy a 110 engine and do all the work to that then just drop it in one saturday.

any help more than welcome

the only differences i know are the intercooler as already stated

And the radiator on a 110 is slightly thinner (19mm as opposed to 27mm)

I think the 110 might also use the dual mass flywheel and have the FAP filtering in the exhaust so watch out for this, especially the flywheel
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