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Hey guys n gals,

So the wifes little 59 plate 207 decided to break a front spring (OS), like the dutiful hubby, I get a pair ordered, they arrive and in no time at all I've nearly torn a finger off and put a nice dent in the wing .. Not bad going to 20 mins work eh :D

Anyhoo, got the strut off (what a fight!), sprint off, swapped over, lashed back in, another finger nearly bought it.. Quick gearbox drain, well I say drain, after the driveshaft popped out and the gearbox puked it's life blood onto the driveway there wasn't much to drain ! So topped off and ready to rock n roll..

Well, this is where the fun starts, now bear in mind that when I was putting the strut back together (without manual or photo's (arse!)) there was a bigish washer, which I was not 100% of it's correct placement, so in true "bodge it" manner, I guessed.. Now, there is a knocking noise when driving, it's almost as if that sodding washer is in the wrong place..

Here starts strip down number 2 !!! Boom, it's off, fingers intact, no new body mods... So I hit the hive mind known as Google.. can I find a good blown up picture of the struct, can I hell :eek: Google doesn't seem to know, it's got to be the end of the world, so I thought, one of you kind people on here just may have a diagram for me to get the bit's put back in the right order.. PLEASE !!

Right now I've got it like this :

1 - Bump stop and dust cover
2 - Big washer
3 - Top spring cup
4 - Top doo-hicky bush thing
5 - Nut with built in washer

When together that pokes through the inner wing and there's the cup washer thing and nut..

I'd trial and error it, bu it's a royal pain in the backside, any help is much appreciated ( like an easy way to get the strut in and out as well, as I have to do the other side )

Thanks in advance for any help and advice ..


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I think what happened was. The drive shaft came apart in the outer end as well, if not put together correct it will knock when turning speeding up and braking, pretty much all the time.

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