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Hi all, I am new to this forum having just bought my first Peugeot which is a 52 plate 1.4 5 door petrol. Unfortunately, I have the misfortune of getting this car needing a new clutch bearing and headgasket (plus while it's been awaiting work for the last few weeks, some c**t has smashed the windscreen). :mad:

Like I said, my head gasket's gone and thought while the engine was out anyway, now might be a good time to just swap it for something else. But what fits?
I know a lot of Citroen and Peugeot engines are very similar but if I was to take an engine from a 306 or 406 or Citroen Xantia for example, would it simply bolt into my 2002 307 or would there be dramas? I plan on replacing it with another petrol by the way as I know swapping a petrol for a diesel involves mucho worko :eek:
The reasons I ask are:
1. The engine's coming out anyway
2. It's only a 1.4
3. I can probably pick up a 406 or Xantia complete for less money than a 307 engine alone which is likely to be bigger (cc wise) than the 307 and will probably come with a set of alloys I can put on it too. Plus then I also have a 406 for example that I can strip or scrap to try recoup costs.

Is my idea practical? If so, can anybody tell me which engines simply bolt back in with no or very little work than if I was putting the original back in?

Cheers, Garf :) :)
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