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I want to delete my dpf/egr for my 1.6 hdi 307 break from my ecu (already drilled dpf and blanked egr). I bought a Galletto, then read a bit more and decided I need an MPPS, now reading even more it seems BDM100 is the only sure way to go for the EDC16C34.

So would this thing work:
BDM100 ECU Car Remap Remapping Flasher Chip Tuning Tool | eBay

I've seen videos where you need this expensive looking frame to hold the ecu in place, is this necessary?

I'm in Australia and a place here charges $1600 for a remap, so I've got to either mail my ecu to overseas or do the read write myself and either email my file to a mapper or learn how to do it myself.

Not looking for any more power, just the delete.
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