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Highways England.
Had to go to Gatwick last night to pick my daughter up at around 2300. So driving anticlockwise round the M25 I see the signs "M23 south Entry closed". No more.
So I assume the south entry from the M25 is closed, so co on to J6 (A22) and then back and down M23 from the clockwise carriageway.

Oh no, the M23 was closed completely so had to follow the diversion down the A22, then into Crawley and back up to Gatwick. This was not helped by having to follow someone who was unable to drive at more than 30 to 35 mph in the dark, slowing to 25 whenever something came the other way and stopping at every empty roundabout.

But had they just said M23 south closed, I would have left the M25 at J8 and gone down the A217 through Reigate, which is the way I came back.

Why can't they give correct and complete information?
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