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Two questions:
The first one first, for those who gets tired before they get to the question :D

Does the 308sw require programming before the towbar connector works, and how bulky is it to do?

And now building up to the second question:
This is a question about wiring color codes.

I just mounted at detachable towbar from Westfalia on my 2017 308sw.
It comes completely with control box and wiring easy and ready for this specific model.

This control box for the towbar wiring is connected to the cars canbus (the cars internal "internet"), and information about when to turn on the different lights in the connector, is all controlled through the computer. Think about that, if you consider to mount the wiring the old way, by picking the power from the rear lights.

Just a shame that Peugeot left the connector where this control box is connected to the car, in front at the drivers side foot well, that makes the job quit a hassle.

In the manual they show two possible ways to connect the wiring, with the only difference, where the +12v wire feeding the control box is placed:

And now to my question .. thanks for being patient:
I'm looking for someone with access to color codes and connectors.
In my car (and I think that there has been a change in 2016), I'm not sure which one to choose.

My cars connector (the one marked as "C") has the following wires:

Pin 1: blue
Pin 2: white
Pin 3: <empty>
Pin 4: light-brown (thick with constant +12v)
Pin 5: brown
Pin 6: red

Can anyone tell if these color codes match any of the drawings? Do I need the converter cable?? (I think I do .. but if the car needs programming first, which was my first question, I'm not sure before a possibly expensive visit to the dealer.

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Can't help with your specific question, but I can tell you that picking up the wires at the back and using a modern bypass relay does work fine.
All the programming will do is automatically turn off the rear parking sensors when the trailer is attached and also inhibit the rear fog light on the car.

Don't know if the Westphalia wiring is different to the Peugeot own one, but the latter comes with a warning that it won't work with LED lights on the trailer.
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