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So about a year ago, the remote locking started to play up and would work about half the time. I figured that the battery might be going bad, but it didn't show up anything in the car about it. So, after a while the remote stopped working completely, but I kept locking and unlocking manually and the central locking worked fine.
A few months go by and I read somewhere that keyfob batteries don't go bad that often and maybe my key is just out of sync with the car. The post said something about reprogramming the key and I followed the steps. I went in the car, turned the key in the Accessories position, held the button for 10-15 seconds and I heard a beep. I turned the key back to OFF and left the car. The remote still didn't work so I figured this time itt's the battery for sure.
2 months later I buy a battery and replace it. Remote locking and unlocking starts working again, and if I hold the lock button all the windows come up, as they should.
BUT, lets say I lock the car with the remote(I know that the remote arms the alarm and if I unlock manually from the door the alarm will go off, so I'm not doing that). About 60% of the time, when i unlock it with the remote, the car honks and the turn indicators start flashing really fast. As soon as I open any door, the alarm goes off. It stops by its own after about 30 seconds if i close the door that I opened, or if i switch the ignition to START. Manually locking and unlocking the car from the door lock works with no problems. I tried the reprogramming steps again, but this time I didn't hear the beep, and the problem still persists. I tired the reprogramming procedure with the key on START position too. Did anyone ever had this kind of problem and what could it be?
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