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Website comments from a Newbie


while I appreciate the members and content of this site, I find the organisation of it very frustrating!

I expected that the site would be categorised by model, not by the number of doors for example!

So, having browsed around now, I find great content in general, 2 door, 5 door...infact, kinda all around pertaining to the car I am interested in.

Am I alone here, or is there some reason why it could not be structured by model?!?!:confused:

Thanks Guys


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thanks for the feedback David,

dont understand what you mean mate.. there are dedicated sections such as 2 Doors, Coupe, Sedans etc.. where you can post the threads etc..

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Ok, probably badly explained in the first post ... :p

What I mean is that the sections might be better if they are laid out by car model, eg, 207, 307, 406, etc etc, rather than the number of doors or shape of the body....

What I found, as a newbie, is that there is relevant and useful info in many sections pertaining to the 307 I have, but its a struggle to browse it all without resorting to using search every time.

I appreciate that there will be commonality to some posts where the same engien for example is fitted to differing models, buy I would suggest that is when you use the search.

Also, General, is too general, and many posts should be in another section - a model specific section.

So...and example. If I want to look up or post a problem with say wipers on a 307, do I post in the 2 door, Hatchbacks, wagons or general, as they all have content that would probably fit the bill being common across the body shapes.

I appreciate that there would be quite a few sections to cover all the models - but really feel that it would be a better user experience and more useable when it comes to finding posts relating to an issue the user may have - eg, just search "307" section for "wipers", rather than having to wade through posts on wipers for ever hatchback that Peugeot ever made.

This idea needs a bit of fleshing out, so it accomodates maintenance etc too, or, just drop teh separate section as the model specific area could just cover it.

Please take that as constructive comment, and not a moan...

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