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hi - how would i know if my water pump is working or not working ? there a simple test that i can perform ?....would i be able to see the coolant returning/flowing into the water reservoir tank in my peugeot 307 1.6 hdi 2004 plate.....seems like to me that the water/coolant is not circulating.....i have a leak in the radiator and i thought id try the "wynns radiator stop leak"...anyway i warmed the car up to normal temp....shook the bottle really well and poured the contents into the water reservoir tank...according to the instructions on the bottle i had to run the engine for 5-10 minutes for the stuff to circulate.....but the wynns stuff just stayed on top of the water/coolant in the reservoir tank....didnt seem to be moving...there are a few possibilties....

1. water pump is not working..
2. thermostat could be stuck
3. there is a blockage somewhere
4. i know the radiator has a leak somewhere

what would be the best way to elimanate each possible fault...before i take it to a garage and get ripped off...:nono:
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