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Hi All
I have this 2009 Pug 1.4 Hdi verve Diesel (reg. end June 2009). For last couple of weeks I am constantly getting this dreadful 'oil pressure + anti-pollution faulty' problem and engine cuts out. The car now cuts out every other time I drive in almost any situations - idle, round-abouts, whilst steady 30 mph and now whilst 65 mph on motorway! Someone suggested its the dpf issue, so I added a bottle of Diesel Magic with the fuel but it clearly did not solve the issue.

The problem surfaced few times six months back and my local garage could not detect any error code. He simply changed the oil, filter and it seems to solve the issue temporarily. However, the problem came back few times right after he changed the oil/filter. Since then I drove mere 2000 miles (6 months). IS that the oil issue again ? Can it go bad this early ? oil level is absolutely fine. The car has a cold-start issue, it takes time as the winter approaches.

Please help me. I don't wish to spend much on this car.
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