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Hi All
I got this 2009 Peugeot 207 Diesel 1.4 HDi verve. car registration end June 2009.

For last couple of weeks, car gets cutting down almost every other day in almost all kind of situations - idle, round abouts, 30mph steady drive and now in a motorway while 65mph.

The error I am getting as 'Warning, engine oil pressure' STOP together with 'Anti-pollution system faulty'. Car then starts well again to drive on.
Checked my engine oil - all good. Friend suggested DPF issue - so I tried mixing Diesel magic with fuel. But it did nothing.

I must add, 6 months back I got similar problem. The garage could not find the error code in the computer. He just changed the oil , filter air filter and apparently it solved the issue for some time (though it came twice after tha changes).

The problem is now very severe.

I have seen similar issues raised by many members but cant decide which suggestions to follow.

Please let me know the best way to go. I really dont want to spend much money on it. Planning to get rid of it after 3-4 months. Very dissatisfied with Peugeot!!It ruined my 'first car' experience totally.

Many thanks for reading and really hope to get some help. BTW I am based in York if anyone has this Planet thingy.

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