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Hi all.
This concerns my son’s 2005 206 1.4i 16v with the VVT engine, 80k miles.

It broke down recently, he said it cut out as he was coming to a stop at a junction and wouldn’t restart. Recovery agent “diagnosed” snapped cambelt. Was recovered to garage local to him for investigation. Garage said £800 - £1500 to repair, not worth it, throw the car away.

He’s now had it returned home. Clearly the garage haven’t even bothered to look at it, because as the photos show the belt hasn’t snapped, although it has seen better days. We haven’t fully dismantled so can only see a part, but I can’t see any missing teeth either. It has slipped sideways and shredded itself against the engine mounting bracket, and it looks like the edge of the belt has jammed into the tensioner. I’m guessing the tensioner has failed, or the water pump bearing.

It has also damaged the VVT pulley as the photos show. Again guessing this is why OBD is showing cam A retarded codes. Obviously I understand there could be other damage as yet unseen, but I haven’t given up on the car yet.

1. I understand this engine is fiddly to change the belt on, but can it be done without special tools or are they essential?
2. What’s involved with replacing the VVT pulley?



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