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Hi all. This relates to my son's 2005 206 1.4i 16v Sport with the VVT engine 80k miles.
It had a breakdown the other week, "diagnosed" by recovery as a broken cambelt, car then taken to a garage local to him for a proper diagnosis. They told him £800 -£1500 to repair, don't bother.
Now he has the car back at home, it's clear the garage haven't even bothered to look at it. The cambelt hasn't snapped as the photos show. We haven't dismantled it fully so I can only see part of it, but I can't see any missed teeth either. But it has obviously slipped sideways and rubbed heavily against the engine mount, I'm guessing either the tensioner or water pump bearings have failed to cause this. Bits of shredded cambelt look to have jammed the tensioner.
There is also visible damage to the VVT pulley - see photos, and the OBD codes show retarded bank A. I realise there could also be internal damage unseen, but haven't given up on the car yet.
1. Are special tools essential to change the belt on this version or is there a work around it?
2. What's involved with changing the VVT pulley? Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Auto part Vehicle

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Auto part Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Auto part Automotive tire Automotive wheel system
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