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Hi All,
I purchased a new 2016 model 2008 in September and have noticed a fault with it. The voice control button does nothing. Having spent a lot of time with both the dealership (all of their new 2008 have faulty voice control and my dealers contacts at other dealerships are reporting the same issue), and also Peugeot UK, I've been told that it should work on any model that has CarPlay - which mine does.
Peugeot are investigating the problem and and hopefully have a fix.
Peugeot UK itself keep telling me I'm the only customer reporting this problem even though the dealer has told them it's happening on all of their cars except the GT.
Is anyone else having this problem? It would be great to know how yours is being rectified.
If anyone has this problem but hasn't reported it, the freephone number for Peugeot UK customer services is on their website.

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