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What's the difference between KOX and RHR in this context? (This is from the Total UK Lubricants Advisor website.)

My VIN starts VF36ERHRHxxxxxxxx, and in Service Box my engine type is listed as DIESEL TURBO DW10BTED4 FAP with BVM ML6 CL gearbox. My car was registered 09/2007.

In the Haynes manual, the engine types RHF, RHL and RHR are all grouped together under engine code DW10BTED4.

On the Total website, it looks like RHR is the correct one to go for, but the year range is wrong and it shows an engine code of DW10CTED4, which mine doesn't have. KOX has the correct year range and clicking on it shows an engine code of DW10BTED4, but there's no mention of the letters KOX in anything I can find to do with my car.

It's all a bit confusing.

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