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Hi guys!
First time poster, long time reader. ��

I have a weird problem with my 407 -07.
When idle and running the AC on low temps the car vibrates noticeably more than it has historically.
I have changed the serpentine belt but that did very little, if anything at all.
I read that it could be an airflow sensor, but that was changed about 6 months ago while diagnosing a faulty igniter cassette/O2 sensor. The engine does not surge, the revs stay the same.

If I run the AC on high temps the vibrations are basically gone most of the time but can occasionally crop up.

The AC produces heat/cold easily and was serviced last summer. So I don't think it's refrigerant related. The fact that the vibrations go away on high temps leads me to believe it's not engine management related.
Anyone got tips for how to diagnose if it's the AC-Clutch, the actual compressor or if it's something else.

I have one other thing that I think is unrelated, occasionally (1 och of every 30-50 times) when trying to start the starter doesn't turn over. This is probably just the brushes that are worn out. The car has done 260 000km(160 000 miles)
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