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Hi all, seeking a bit of advice on a vibration my 2004 2.0 hdi 81k miles saloon has that begins at circa 70mph and gets dramatically worse as the speed increases, to the extent it feels as if the dashboard is going to come flying off and the steering wheel is trying to jump out of your hand! Thankfully I have no need to go above 70mph around here but I do head to the big smoke regularly and it's not a pleasant drive on the motorway.

Plan to change the lower balljoints ASAP as they are beginning to really knock and will do the drop-links whilst I'm in there. Tyres have been balanced and re-balanced, wheels swapped around etc, but still it persists. Rear tyres are only 1000 miles old and the fronts will be getting replaced within the next week or so. Plan to get four wheel alignment done as well as the car doesn't seem to track as well as I feel it should, and can feel 'wandery' at speed, although is fine under about 60mph

If you dip the clutch or knock it out of gear it's still there leading me to think it's not engine mount related and is suspension/steering/driveshaft related?

Also my steering feels feels grainy/rough at low speed and during manoeuvres, will a fluid flush help? There are no leaks etc.

Car has done all of the above since I purchased at 76k.

Any one had these symptoms? Any input much appreciated.

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