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Hope someone might be able to give me some advice: my 04-plate 156 1.9JTD - bought in November last year - has just passed 30,000 miles and is producing lots of thick black smoke under heavy acceleration. It has been into the local Alfa dealer several times and always comes back improved, but it soon deteriorates again. Just before the warranty expired, they even replaced the catalytic converter.

Now, at its first service in my ownership - at an excellent local independent Alfa specialist - an oil leak was identified in a pipe at the EGR canister. He recommended I get it checked by the main dealer under the car's warranty. The main dealer looked and reported it fixed by "tightening a clip on a pipe"!

The biggest question is, should there be oil in the EGR canister in the first place?

And, would that oil recirculate straight back into the cylinders and be burnt in certain circumstances?

I love the car and it's performance (much better than the X-plate 1.8 156 Sportwagon I had previously), but it's getting too embarrasing to drive.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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