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My 54 plate 30k mile 1.9 diesel engine (I think! 99% sure) Partner van has developed a problem. The engine management light came on as the engine became VERY!! noisy, just after I had left home putting it into 3rd gear. I turned the van round and took it home and I daren't drive it until it gets fixed. (It was so loud that pedestrians watched me drive past!). It seemed to drive home ok but it was just very loud. (The noise seems to come from under the bonnet and not the exhaust end).
Van has been kept serviced etc and I've had this van from new.

Any ideas anybody, to what my problem may be and do you think it will be expensive to put right??

Sounds like diesel knock. Check the valve timing. Read the ecu also, check for advance regulation faults.
If advance faults present as above it can be the valve timing, advance solenoid on the pump or the needle lift sensor on no. 1 injector.
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