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Hi guys,
Hoping someone here can be of some help to me. I wouldn't be the most knowledgeable when it comes to cars so some of the language i'm using etc might seem a bit out dated to you guys.
We have a 2007 Petrol Peugeot 307. Always liked it but out of nowhere had some problem with a fuse and it caused some problems. Long story short we had it in a Peugeot garage where we had a new actuator fitted. Afterwards things seemed OK for a week or 2 but we were getting an error message 'Depollution system faulty', and the car started running poorly, it was quite jumpy and pretty much uncomfortable to drive. This has been getting worse and worse and we had it in with a mechanic who told us its an issue with the variable valve timer pulleys which would need replacing (would this be anything to do with the actuator being replaced?). He then put us in touch with a guy who had done this work for him before but he said he didn't have the parts and wasn't sure when he would have them. I have been trying to look online etc for them but am having problems so was wondering if maybe these go by different names?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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