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Hello all from new member:)

Strange one this, every morning I have to remove my header tank cap and with a hiss the water returns to it and goes to the full level. As soon as the engine warms up, the water vanishes and the low coolant light comes on. I can drive 400 miles like this without a problem wit the light on and off all the way! Then, when I stop and have a look there is no water in the tank. As soon as its cooled down and I remove the cap, the pressure is released and whaddya know? back comes the coolant. And so the cycle continues. Its been going on for 2000 miles and I know i cant be loosing coolant as its still full every morning. It just vanishes and gets locked away somewhere! Anyone know what on earth is going on?

Its a 2 litre expert but I recon any HDI will be the same setup?

Hope someone can help.

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