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Hi guys. I've recently brought a couple of Peugeot Experts (year 07) and although we have had a small Mercedes fleet, I'm very impressed with the power and comfort of the Peugeot, but soon after I got the vans one of them went into limp mode and wont go past 2000 rpm. I took it to a garage who cleared the faults and replaced the EGR but it's still doing the same.
From memory the faults were low fuel pressure and EGR (but I will get the full codes off the garage and post them up here).
As I said the van was great and then it started to display Eco mode and soon after would be in limp mode. If you ease off the eccelerator whilst it is in limp mode it actually seems a bit better. Eventally the engine will burst in to power and the van will shoot of doe the road at high speeds and then return to limp mode.
I did try and remove the negative from the battery (but it is hard work through the drivers window as I'm not tall) When I reconnected the battery it was the same.
I know it's a vaugue post and there is very little information... but if anyone has an idea what it might be I would be very greatful.
Sorry should have mentioned that it is a 2.0 ltr HDI (year 2007) Diesel
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