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The first thing I would try is just upgrading the speakers (the original will be something like 5w to maybe 25w, assuming it isn't an upgraded unit to start with) go to at least 100w three-way or component speakers, and incorporating insulation around the vehicle and in particular around the speakers example:- 2㎡-10M Car Butyl Rubber Sound Deadener Proofing Roll Heat Insulation 30% thicker | eBay (I've used this brand, and it's excellent)
You are maybe able to find suitable information about this here
The next thing I would consider is a subwoofer (possibly under seat unit ) to help feel the music more literally and have a killer bass sound.
Lastly, if still not happy, you could consider replacement of the head-unit or an inline amplifier from the existing head-unit (I'm less of a fanboy for inline amplification, but it does sometimes fit the bill).

This Link will give you some of the parts diagrams for your vehicle and idea of how to do disassembly of some of the components.

Hope you find this helpful.
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