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Hi All

I have a question.....but a little history first.

I bought a Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi S (54 Plate) that had engine problems, Bottom end was knocking like nobody's business. I bought a recon engine for approx £1200, My usual mechanic was unable to carry out the engine swap but he refered me to a lad that he knows off, as I happens I had used him before to replace a turbo on my old 806 and he did a good job, I dropped the car and engine off and told him that there was no rush as I currently had a car to do my running about. Numerous phone calls and 6 months later I got a phone call telling me the car was finished and ready to collect. I collected the car, and towed it home due to no tax and MOT and put it in my back yard until I had the cash for afore mentioned items.

Upon trying to drive the car I thought that it did not seem to be running correctly, it was a little lumpy so plugged my PP in and found an injector was open circuit (was not plugged in fully)......... Anyway I digress, the crux of it is that when I open the book I noticed a small plastic box with 2 thin hoses coming from it, I called the mechanic and asked what it was, he said "I noticed that, I dont know where it's from as I didn't take it off the car", turns out (according to service box) that it is related to Turbo Lubrication and is label as Vacuum Reserve, I think that as he didn't fit this back to the car then the VAC Solenoid that it connects to is also not fitted to the car.....and here is the information I am looking for....... I am (not so) happy to buy a new VAC Solenoid but dont know where on the car it fits, Can anyone help? I think it fastens to the back of the head but can't see/feel it anywhere.

Does anyone have a picture of where this goes?


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