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Used 3008's now appearing

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It seems Peugeot have just released a lot of used new 3008's (ex. Management cars) onto the market.

A quick check of Autotrader for all new/used 3008's nationally in the UK, shows a lot more new 3008's than when I first started looking back in June. New&onesearchad=New&make=PEUGEOT&model=3008

You were lucky back then to find one GT, now there is a good choice, although stated prices are very high for used models with 5000+ miles on the clock.

The ex. Management vehicles seem to be a lot of the coupe franche GT 180's, so having never seen one in the flesh yet, I think we will be seeing a lot more in the coming months!
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I saw that. Quite a lot of manual GT Lines, and a handful of GT's, most of them at prices exceeding what you would pay new with a bit of negotiation. I hate it when manufacturers start to flood the market with their old fleet cars, as it could immediately affect the trade in values on all of our vehicles.
My dealer told me Peugeot are limiting the numbers of the 3008 sold so as to maintain the future value of the car - this is presumably related to PCP with issues regarding cars being valued at the end of 4 years at less than the GFV on the contract (speculated to be a cause for the next financial crash).

He mentioned they are monitoring the numbers of each trim level ordered and also not allowing the sales teams to 'have them as demonstrators and sell them on after 3 months, like normal'.

I'm not sure I understand that last statement - I think it just means the salesmen aren't allowed to use them as their daily run around, to limit the number of low mileage used cars turning up?
I wouldn't believe anything a Peugeot dealer told me regarding future values, and what they are doing in order to ensure high residuals. I can't see them turning away orders just to give the car a more exclusive feel, and so that owners can enjoy higher residuals. I know they banned dealerships from ordering in cars for personal use, but I think that was all about not being able to meet customer demand, and wanting to fill those orders first. The 3008 is a mass market car, so no way will they be able to ensure future values. Hopefully the looks, equipment, great interior etc will do that.
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