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TraceyWill said:
I recently had the ABS warning flash up and my brakes juddered and I have kinda ignored it after reading all the forums as I seen no urgency to get it fixed hoping it would just go away, (oops), and now I have Breaking fault showing on the dash.... and if thats not bad enough today it starting screaming at me which I assumed was the fan belt, and then when I excelerated it starting to really roar, and now my Battery Charge Error has come on the dash... does anyone have any idea what is going on with my car???? I know it needs to go into a garage but im trying to find out whats going on.. im a know nothing 25yr old female with a 51 307 hdi 2ltr ? :(
Any help or advise would be muchly appreciated x x
the abs light will be a rear wheel sensor needs cleaning,and if the bat light is on if you pop your bonnet and look at the left hand side there should be a belt there if not then it needs one as it has snaped
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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