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Hi all

I really need some help from some one.

I have a 2006 206 HDi verve that will not start. my warrenty expired earlier this month and i thought with the ressesion I'd save a few quid by servicing my own car as I have done with other cars in thye past.

So I started by changing the oil filter and oil and nothing else. I went to turn the car over and it started...for about five secs then cut of and wouldn't start again and now says ECO-MODE. I tryed starting it with easy start which didn't help much. i took it round to a mechanic who said it was ok and would need a diagnotic check.....did that and it seems the imobiliser/alarm is on.....

I tryed resetting it with the computer but it won't go off.... now I've been told by a freind its either a dealer only job or a change in ecu, and module which costs around £350....MONEY I DON'T HAVE.

Does any one please have any suggestions on what I can or should do? please post back :nono:
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