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Evening All..

I have a 2005 307 1.4 HDi with a weird set of issues...

Ignition on, wipers come on and wont turn off - Lights are on - Starter motor cranks engine with no result - No electric windows and central locking is inoperative.

Dash lights up as i would assume it would do, however the words 'STOP' are flashing and the mileage is not displayed in the cluster.

From initial investigation i would assume its an earthing issue? The cars battery was drained flat, so that has been replaced with a new unit.

Am i looking at a corroded earth lead? ( in which case, where does the likely culprit to be found?) or am i looking at an engine bay fuse board issue?

The BSi (i think its called) is in with the fusebox on passenger side? That all seems ok with no water or burning damage...

All help appreciated to get this gem back on the road.!


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