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So I purchased my 2015 Peugeot 3008 blue hdi back in december and first thing I did when purchasing was get extended warranty from the garage I purchased it from. The warranty company are called safe & sound.
I then called Peugeot who said there were some recalls and i needed to book them in which i did and after the last visit to have my catalytic converter changed i had a warning pop up with my management warning light to say Urea emissions fault with the flashing urea emissions warning flashing.
I called Peugeot to say I had a fault and that I purchased extended warranty when I purchased the car.
They were very helpful at the time and said oh yes we will book it in at your local Robinson Day garage in Walton. Due to covid I've had the booking moved twice but now they are free to do it I'm now being told that they wont work with third party warranty companies and that If i book it there i would have to pay for diagnosis and repair myself which could be really really expensive!
Nobody will seem to help me, the warranty company said they work with some Peugeot dealers so they didn't understand but they said they couldn't give me specific garages they work with so I am in essence screwed! Thanks Peugeot!
I purchased a 3 year service plan with Robinson Day as I clearly want to look after the car but I have literally been told by Peugeot to go whistle for any assistance and I wonder why I am left trying to sort everything out myself with no help or advice!?!
I cannot say conclusively that this has anything to do with the fact the recall work to the cat was done only 2 weeks before the fault presented itself but the car was running absolutely fine before this and at the moment my service is not worth the money paid as I cannot even book that in whist this fault is running!!
I've been looking up a lot of issues regarding fault with Urea emissions and it seems to be a common known fault on my specific model where some customers have had it checked and repaired free but no such luck for myself!
I would like to know from other users and Peugeot to see if anything can be done here as the car is only 5 years old and I'm at a loss and getting so stressed.
Thank you

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Do you have a specific part that is faulty?
Warranty companies do cough up the money once you have a receipt for the faulty item, assuming it is covered in their warranty.
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