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So, to help relax with the stresses of house buying I thought I'd have a tinker.
Now, my interface is flucked. The connecter broke and I bodged it with some solder and tape. So if this had killed it, I wasn't that fussed. I'd have just bought a new one.
I was originally on 5.02 or something. So I downloaded 7.02 and wiped Win XP.
Installed it all and tried it out. It worked fine on my 3 year old interface.
I thought I'd have to have it flashed or something :confused:
The only thing is, it keeps telling me I have no connection to the internet.
Not sure why, it has communication/network drivers installed. Also was lead to believe you disable it when in use anyway. I always had wifi off when using the earlier software and this had no issue with that.
Oh well, apart from that seems to be fine. Plugged it in to my Dad's C4 GP too.
One thing though, how do you check the dpf load and fluid level? I'm blind and old :wave:
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