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right guys did a dpf clean today (sorry no pictures) i found it quite easy the only thing i had problems with was getting the clamp on the top of the exhaust back on but after f"£King about for 20 mins or so it let me win the reason i did this clean was the turbo only worked when it wanted and now its pulling like a train hes what i did
1 remove sensor going to exhaust
2 disconnect the 2 pipes going to the cat/dpf
3 losen of both exhaust clamps i started with the back 1 first
4 pull the cat section up back into the engine to split from the middle section
5 work the top joint away
6 its off
7 split the section by reomving the 4 bolts give them a good spray of wd first
8 pressure washe the filter out
9 leave for and hour or more if youve got time to dry out
10 put all parts back toageather
11 re fit to rest of cat not forgetting to re fit the sensor are the 2 rubber pipes
i left mine to tick over for 20 mins before driving then tuck it up motorway for a few junctions and now it flys hope this help anyone with the same problems job took about 2 hours in total
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